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Distribution Partners

Knovation partners with regional and national education technology providers to distribute netTrekker as part of their solutions. To become a partner, please visit our corporate site.

National Distribution Partners

  • BorderLAN www.borderlan.com
  • BorderLAN provides excellent service to North American school districts. They offer budget friendly solutions for Internet Filtering, Power Saving Solutions, Spam Control, AV, System Restore, Off-site Laptop Access, and Enhanced Learning tools such as netTrekker.

  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt www.hmhco.com
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® offers the option of adding netTrekker to formative, assessment, and district platform solutions. Teachers can score and review test results online, then automatically access netTrekker’s standards-aligned resources from within Edusoft®, DataDirector™, and Learning Village to provide differentiated instruction and improve student achievement.

  • Mackin Educational Resources www.mackin.com
  • Mackin Educational Resources provides PK-12 online databases, ebooks, print books, DVDs, audiobooks and more for schools and libraries around the world. With more than 26 years of experience, Mackin is known for unmatched customer service and customization. Visit Mackin.com today to learn more about netTrekker and all our e-resource products.

  • GlobalScholar www.globalscholar.com
  • Solutions from GlobalScholar empower educators, parents and students throughout the entire learning lifecycle, helping schools achieve educational excellence. netTrekker can be integrated with Global Scholar’s assessment programs Scantron Achievement Series and Performance Series. netTrekker can also be integrated with the Pinnacle Instruction learning management system.

  • Sunburst Technology www.sunburst.com
  • Sunburst Technology, owned by Smarterville Educational, LLC, is a leader in developing and publishing award-winning, multimedia educational software for schools in the United States and Canada. Quality products for K-12 inspire students to learn and help educators meet national and state standards. Sunburst Technology products have been classroom favorites for more than 30 years. Sunburst Technology now sells netTrekker as a complement to its other products.

Regional Distribution Partners

  • Book Systems, Inc. www.booksys.com
  • Book Systems, Inc., a leader in Library and Textbook Management software, has partnered with netTrekker to enhance Atriuum’s OPAC (On Line Public Access Catalog) searching. New and existing library customers can add netTrekker to seamlessly integrate safe and secure search with Atriuum.

    Serving: Alabama, Arkansas, Deleware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Vermont

  • CIM www.cimtechsolutions.com
  • CIM is a leader in providing K-12 schools with classroom-based hardware and software solutions. CIM is dedicated to supporting schools throughout all phases of solution acquisition: evaluation, planning, implementation, and training.

    Serving: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Washington

  • ENA www.ena.com
  • ENA is a leader in providing network evaluation, design, delivery, integration, and management solutions to schools and school districts.

    Serving: Idaho, Tennessee, Indiana

  • Teachers 'N Tools www.teachersntools.com
  • Established 29 years ago to provide teachers with the latest technology, Teachers ‘N Tools focuses on computer software, hardware, integrated learning systems, installation, training, and maintenance programs. We represent numerous publishers and manufacturers, and operate their own publishing division.

    Serving: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi