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Read what teachers, technology directors, curriculum and instruction directors, parents and students have to say about using netTrekker for learning.


Teachers use netTrekker to quickly find digital resources by reading level, theme, subject, standard, and language.

netTrekker provides our students, teachers, and parents with 24/7 access to quality web sites evaluated for their educational appropriateness and reliability. Lexile results and built in read aloud support enable teachers to meet the needs of all learners. We are confident that the inclusion of netTrekker in our digital content offerings will benefit students and teachers.
  • Fran Glick
  • Resource Teacher
  • Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Baltimore, MD
I use netTrekker because it lets me zero in on differentiated instruction for my students. I can be assured that the sites are safe and educationally appropriate. This is huge for me!
  • Instructional Lead Teacher
  • Cobb County School District
  • Marietta, GA


Curriculum and instruction administrators, technology directors, and media specialists appreciate the ease and speed of using netTrekker. They know teachers and students have 24/7 access to high quality, standards-aligned digital resources to address different teaching and learning styles.

It was amazing how well the professional development lesson aligned with the national leaders and digital storytelling and really helped teachers learn how to take a tool for curriculum use in the classroom.
  • Jill Hobson
  • Director of Instructional Technology
  • Forsyth County Schools
  • Cumming, GA
I appreciate that netTrekker is continuing to upgrade their product and offer a robust, safe resource for students and teachers. netTrekker is responsive to educators’ needs, suggestions, and concerns.
  • Director of Fed. Program, Testing, Technology
  • Jonesboro Public Schools
  • Jonesboro, AR
Our students love the timeline feature, because they can really see the connections of famous people like Pocahontas and Shakespeare being alive around the same time period. ESE teachers are taking advantage of the read aloud feature to help students that might be struggling with reading.
  • John Lien
  • Senior Administrator, Technology / Professional Development Services
  • Orange County Public Schools
  • Orlando, FL
netTrekker has great features for both teachers and students. Individual student needs can be addressed using the Readability feature and the English Learners Channel. The pop-up Dictionary feature will provide immediate support for students as they assume responsibility for their learning.
  • Jan Perkins
  • Technology Specialist
  • Shelby County Schools
  • Memphis, TN
In the School District of Palm Beach County, netTrekker has been enthusiastically embraced by our district leadership, teachers, and students as an extremely valuable tool for finding, saving, and sharing safe and educationally sound resources. netTrekker has clearly provided a simple yet very powerful way to bring 21st Century tools to the fingertips of all of our stakeholders.
  • Jonathan Decker
  • Technology Program Specialist
  • School District of Palm Beach County
  • Palm Beach, FL
netTrekker gives our district high-quality, educator-vetted sites for students and teachers. The capability to search for relevant sites that correlate to Washington State Standards as teachers prepare assignments makes netTrekker a highly effective, efficient and easy to use technology tool that has made a real difference in our district.
  • Director of Educational Technology
  • Clover Park School District #400
  • Lakewood, WA
netTrekker is the only search engine allowed on our campus! It’s so wonderful – all the sites have been evaluated by educators so our students don’t waste time. netTrekker also has other features we love too, like the timeline and save search, which our teachers and students use a lot.
  • Library Media Specialist
  • Lakota Local School District
  • West Chester, OH
We use it as our default search engine for the district. Every site has been evaluated by educators and aligned by the standards. The readability option is a big plus for us. To differentiate instruction with students is great! There are a million ways you can use netTrekker!
  • Angie Veitch
  • Instructional Media Services Director
  • Orange County School District
  • Hillsborough, NC
One of our struggles in our district is how to provide quality, appropriate images for our students to use in projects and presentations. The Google image search was just too risky. The image search in netTrekker is just what we needed to solve this problem.
  • Mary Woodard
  • Director, Library Services
  • Mesquite ISD
  • Mesquite, TX
netTrekker is really going to help us meet the individual learning needs of our diverse student population. Being able to sort websites by readability level provides our teachers with options they’ve never had before for finding grade level content that matches the individual students’ reading skills.
  • Lou Greco
  • Director for Instructional Technology
  • St. Johns County School District
  • Jacksonville, FL
The real power behind netTrekker is that for the first time our students are able to find information and resources at THEIR reading level. This is very powerful and significant in helping ALL HISD students achieve!
  • Manager, Library Services
  • Houston ISD
  • Houston, TX
The best part about netTrekker is the ongoing relationship we have with the company. They take our concerns and questions into consideration and it’s an absolutely positive relationship that grows with us as the years go by.
  • Technology Director
  • Bethel School District
  • Spanaway, WA


Students appreciate how fast and easy it is to find resources appropriate for school projects and self-guided learning on netTrekker.

netTrekker helps me with history, math games, social studies, science, reading, and spelling. I like it when my teacher puts up folders for me to go and find information quickly.
netTrekker is much better for writing papers. It gives more relevant links with more professional information from more reliable sources.
It is so much easier and faster to go to netTrekker!
When it comes to quality, netTrekker prevails over Google™.
netTrekker is like a map; the Internet would be lost without it.
There have been many great inventions from mankind: fire, the wheel, the automobile, and netTrekker.
netTrekker has been the best thing since the invention of the Internet.
netTrekker is like an easy to use electronic detective for information.


Parents value netTrekker because it gives their children a safe place to search for images and digital resources to support learning.

netTrekker is really a parent’s friend… it offers real peace of mind.
With netTrekker, I can leave the room when the kids are on the Internet and not worry.
Time is such a huge issue for my family because we’re so busy. netTrekker saves us so much time!
With high speed Internet, there’s no time to escape ‘the bad stuff’ when it pops up. Filters just aren’t enough. netTrekker helps solve this problem.
I feel comfortable with my kids using netTrekker. I know the sites are safe, appropriate and reviewed by educators.
My son was doing a project on plate tectonics and I told him to try netTrekker! He found everything a project on plate tectonics and I told him to try netTrekker! He found everything he needed – it was so easy!
netTrekker is the best site to use for writing research papers. It’s so organized, fast and easy to use. I am very impressed even though I’ve always used Google™ before.