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Implementation Resources

In the sections below, you’ll find all the information you need to support your school/district during the implementation of netTrekker to maximize the use of netTrekker and its digital resources by teachers, students and parents.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Accessing netTrekker
  3. Integrations
  4. Communications
  5. Professional Learning

1. Getting Started

With your subscription to netTrekker, your teachers, students and parents now have easy access to a wealth of high quality, tagged digital resources that are ready for teaching and learning.

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2. Accessing netTrekker

Providing all of your users with easy access to our 360,000+ resources is a critical component of netTrekker’s successful implementation and adoption in your school/district.

Access Options

There are a variety of ways to provide convenient access to netTrekker from school, home and tablet. Discuss the best option for your users with your Account Manager.

  • Username/Password
  • Single Sign-on
  • IP Authentication

Promote Access to netTrekker

Point to netTrekker from the web pages educators use for lesson planning and instruction, and students use for research and homework help.

  • netTrekker Brand Logos — Download and save netTrekker’s logo so you can use it on your district’s website or in communication pieces.
  • netTrekker on Your iPad — Learn how to access Flash resources and how to leverage the iPad’s accessibility options.
  • Add netTrekker to the Bookmarks Toolbar — Create a link to netTrekker in your bookmark or favorites toolbar of a web browser.
  • Make netTrekker the Start Page — Set netTrekker as the page that is displayed when you first open a web browser, or when you click the Home button in a web browser.
  • Set netTrekker as the Default Search Provider — Set netTrekker as the default search provider in a web browser.
  • Add a login widget to your page or portal. Learn more …
  • Add a search widget to your page or portal. Learn more …

3. Integrations

When you subscribe to netTrekker, you will need to take a couple of steps to ensure that all integrations are working properly. netTrekker integrates with other content providers and into the technologies that educators already use for lesson planning, classroom instruction and assessment.

Integration with other content providers

netTrekker contains award-winning digital content from trusted content partners to address a full range of teaching and learning styles. Educators and students quickly and easily search more than 360,000 digital resources and educational websites for lesson plans, learning exercises, images, videos, audio, manipulatives and more.

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Integration into other technologies

Technology works best when teachers and students have seamless, consistent access to reliable tools that work together. netTrekker integrates learning resources into the technologies educators already use for lesson planning, classroom instruction, and assessment.

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4. Communications

Share the news and spread the word with resources to download, print and distribute or email to students, parents and staff.

  • Parent Letter Template (or Spanish) — Use this template to share the excitement with your students’ parents.
  • Teacher Letter Template — Use this template to let your teachers know your school/district now offers access to netTrekker.
  • Newsletter Article Template (or Spanish) — Use this template as a suggestion on how to spread the news about netTrekker in your school/district newsletter.
  • Username/Password Reminder Card — Print and distribute the reminder card to your teachers for easy access to netTrekker.
  • netTrekker Brand Logos — Download and save netTrekker’s logo so you can use it on your district’s website or in communication pieces.
  • Monthly Newsletter — Ask your teachers to sign up to receive our monthly newsletters, which include tips and tools on using netTrekker more effectively.
  • Knovation Blog — Connect your teachers with other educators and education-related posts by sharing our blog with them.
  • Getting Started with netTrekker Videos — Watch our three videos specifically targeted at Administrators, Teachers and Students to learn about getting started with netTrekker.

5. Professional Learning

Support your educators with these additional professional learning opportunities, and maximize your investment in netTrekker by integrating it with your current instructional initiatives.

  • Self-Guided Learning Activities — Lead your own professional development sessions, or provide the link to your staff.
  • Professional Learning Services — Learn more about our customized professional learning services, which are designed to increase the effective use of netTrekker in the classroom or at home.
  • netTrekker Navigator Program — Designed to empower educators to work collaboratively with colleagues to leverage the power of netTrekker to create engaging 21st century learning environments.