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netTrekker increases efficiency and provides our staff and students with web-based content that meets the needs of individual learners. In addition, linking educational resources to results from our Scantron Performance Series Assessment System is helping us to meet the demands of Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).
  • Corey Haugen
  • Achievement Analyst
  • Austin Independent School District, MN
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Technology Integrations

Technology works best when teachers and students have seamless, consistent access to reliable tools that work together. netTrekker integrates learning resources into the technologies educators already use for lesson planning, classroom instruction, and assessment.

To learn more about using netTrekker with these or other technology programs in your school, contact us at 1.855.KNOVATE today!

Assessment Data

Educators can go directly from a learning need to a learning resource and better differentiate instruction with these assessment data integrations for netTrekker.

A social studies teacher used netTrekker with her assessment system to teach U.S. History in a different way and improve achievement: Assessment and Social Studies Lesson Example.

Scantron® Performance Series™ and Achievement Series™

netTrekker can be combined with Achievement Series and Performance Series. The integrated solution connects educators to differentiated learning resources for re-teaching based on assessment data. View video.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® Riverside DataDirector™

Teachers can go directly from Assessment Reports in DataDirector to standards-aligned resources in netTrekker to provide additional support for remediation.

Measured Progress DATAWISE

When the Measured Progress DATAWISE platform is integrated with the instructional resources of netTrekker, teachers can go from assessment results to powerful remediation tools in just a few clicks.

LearningStation® LS Test Builder™

LearningStation’s Test Builder, a fast and easy to use formative assessment tool for classroom use, combined with netTrekker helps teachers understand what their students are really mastering and where they need help.

Learning Management Systems and Curriculum Management Systems

Give teachers and students access to the best digital resources from the web through your district’s learning management system (LMS) or curriculum management system (CMS) when it is integrated with netTrekker.

Geography students use netTrekker to find high quality project resources without leaving the LMS or their assignment. LMS Geography Lesson Example.

Blackboard® Learn 9.1

The netTrekker Blackboard Building Block integrates netTrekker resources for direct access by educators and students from within their Blackboard learning management platform.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® Learning Village

The integration with netTrekker enables educators and students to seamlessly access standards-aligned content tailored to specific learning needs from within the Learning Village curriculum management solution, connecting educators to the best practices, instructional strategies, lesson plans, and resources that enable measurable student achievement, all in one place.

My Big Campus

netTrekker and My Big Campus now integrate to provide co-customers with streamlined access to hundreds of thousands of educator-selected, standards-aligned digital learning resources directly from My Big Campus federated search results. Learn more.

More Technology Integrations

SAFARI Montage®

netTrekker can be integrated with SAFARI Montage to provide co-customers with Federated Search access to netTrekker's 360,000 educator-curated, standards-aligned digital learning resources through the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository (LOR). View video.

Alexandria™ by COMPanion®

Streamline access to all of your library's resources when you integrate netTrekker with Alexandria. Make netTrekker resources available to teachers and students through your existing library solution.

Book Systems® Atriuum®

Atriuum empowers library users by expanding their searching abilities and providing the best resources from their library and beyond. The integration with netTrekker streamlines access to web resources, giving users an unlimited amount of educational data and research.

Tech4Learning® Wixie®

netTrekker subscribers can search for netTrekker-approved images within Wixie. Wixie’s direct access to the netTrekker image library makes it easy and efficient to gather safe, relevant images for student projects!

Follett® One Search

netTrekker can be integrated with One Search to enable users to quickly locate and view district subscription web resources in a single search.

Learning Tools Interoperability Integration (LTI)

If you are interested in integrating netTrekker into other learning applications your district already uses, such as learning management systems or platforms, please ask your netTrekker Account Manager about our LTI integration capabilities. netTrekker is compliant with IMS Global LTI v1.0.

Technology Integration Lesson Examples

More than 1 million teachers have explored with netTrekker and discovered learning resources for all K-12 grade levels and subjects. These lesson examples show how teachers use netTrekker to enhance instruction and learning with technology tools in their classroom.

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